The Real Enemy.

When I wrote these words I thought of you
Your smarts; the patterns you cling so dearly to
Hamstrung by a phantasm of who you think you ought to be
I am sorry you can’t see who you are,
just because nobody ever told you.
But if only you would stop trying to be
Just long enough to actually be yourself
Long enough to put down the burden of undue expectations
Long enough to learn to fit your own skin
Long enough that you’re not scared to be alone
When that happens,
spend a little time with yourself and see
That as real as your fears are, they won’t drown you.
When you look a little closer you will see
They’re not as insurmountable as you made them out to be
And as you learn to let your fears be
You might even learn to be naked
To expose your wounds so they can heal.

I know why you still hold on to your falsehoods
Why you’re afraid to seek the truth
Because you’ve sworn to smite your enemies
But the real enemy is you.

I’ll share with you the only trick to it
Be warned, it’s the hardest trick in the world!
Start by outing your ego
Stop letting it get in the way of happiness.
Don’t try to smite your ego,
You only need to be aware of it
Once it’s found-out and if you allow it,
It’ll slowly wither away with all its falsehoods.
See mate, ego is the real enemy!


End of toil.

Eventually mankind will realize a utopian earth with no poverty, hunger or disease and when men are no longer pre-occupied with survival, they will find time to contemplate life and seek enlightenment by asking “Why?”. But no answers will be forthcoming for their questions about existence. Out of despair at the meaninglessness of life, death shall seem a more desirable fate than existential boredom and gladly they will bear arms for such a rewarding end. The war shall bring hunger, disease and there shall once again be a balance of strive and harmony in the hearts of men. We shall again be too preoccupied with surviving and getting ahead of each other to question our existence.

He looks downs at us and laughs in pity at those who have opened the doors of perception looking to find liberation and instead they found the vast unfathomable nothingness where all notions of purpose die. The lucky ones fall over the precipice of insanity and escape the torture of a nihilist existence.  In that nothingness I found freedom from the crisis of under-achievement; I walked back and closed the doors firmly without ever looking back. I jumped back on the the carousel and I taught myself to find illusory satisfaction in the constructions of society and delight in the safety of  social order!

I have learnt there is little warmth in reason; that facts are cold, hard and offer little comfort. I envy your blissful ignorance and your liberating axioms of God that teach you – wisely so –  to embrace contradictions. You have learnt to not to question, for the wisdom of men is foolishness to your God. Harken to that advice and be warned, enlightenment is a deep abyss!

“Let me tell you about the loss of God…Out here on the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we is stoned. Immaculate.”
Jim Morrison

When Fools Collide.

If you met a beautiful stranger,
If they shone with the light of the world
Would you say, “I dream to see you again!”
Would you embrace in goodbye
And hold-on tight in the hope-
their special energy would seep into you
Would you not hold your tongue
Because you’re wise and you know
That strangers must not
Speak of matters of the heart!

But is it enough that you exist
In the same reality as me
Is it enough to have thoughts of you,
filling my dull days?
Should I tell the world about you
So I know you’re not just in my head
Perhaps it’s better to hide you from them
Because they would never understand
Who you are is beyond their imagining.

Something foolish.

The wise know, not to let their guard down
They know not to speak their hearts’ truths
They know that the world will stamp,
on a heart worn on a sleeve.
The wise know to keep their scars hidden,
to never admit they failed.

But I am choosing to be foolish,
Foolish enough to expect you to understand
Foolish enough to trust
Foolish enough to think;
that we can conquer our demons.
Foolish enough to believe, that you are a fool too.
Because this kind of thing, is only for foolish hearts!

We fell short GG.

I don’t think they understand,
What you sought to do
To shape destiny by molding character
Better men of integrity and purpose

The indefatigable toil of sweat and blood
There’s not a sacrifice, of greater magnitude
You willingly gave them your life
Sowed and plowed,
In expectation…

That they would do more than you did
Hoping they would change the world
Because to whom much is given
Much too, is expected.

We’re falling short
The world is still bleeding
There’s no place for love
But don’t count on me GG
I am not foolish enough,
to think I can change the world.


To all my demons, I have given names
Names that I shall not reveal to you
For names beget great power
To those with knowledge of them
It’s why I write of my wounds and hurts,
of my pain, my fears and my desires.
I create and bind them in vassals
With names of my own choosing
So ever shall I have, the power to vanquish.

To you my beloved, I must remain unnamed
I must remain clothed in this veil of mystery
I hide my nakedness to keep you from perceiving,
my true-form and it’s many countenances
For you are human and it’s in the nature of men
To assume power over which they understand
And in the same measure, to worship the unknown
And your God I must remain.

“To be grasped is but to reach one’s fullness
And like a ripe fruit to fall and be consumed”
~Khalil Gibran.

Behind blue windows.

These are the best years of our lives
nothing like what we talked about
so far from where we hoped to be.

Just like those empty hulks,
dancing on the waves
with no direction or momentum
Stuck at the bay
We are going nowhere,

anchored by our fear of failure.

The shadows grow too long to chase
It’s hard a choice,
between comfort and dreams.
Now trapped behind that monitor
you click away another purchase
anything to be rid of the guilty
it’s the price you set for your dreams

Pray we don’t waste,
the best years of our lives
stuck behind blue windows.

We can make more of it yet,
Banish those doubts,
dare to dream again.
Set your sails towards passion’s path
Leave tomorrow free of regrets.

“Find what you love and let it kill you.” 

― Charles Bukowski